Messages from Our Pulpit

July 14, 2024

Sunday School

What Pleases God

Sunday Morning

His Good Pleasure

Sunday Night

Instruction on Pleasure

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July 7, 2024

Sunday School


Sunday Morning

Keep Your Heart

Sunday Night


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Messages from 2024

June 30, 2024

Human Government (Sunday School)

A Christian and Their Country (Sunday Morning)

Instruction on Politics (Sunday Night)


June 23, 2024

Sowing and Reaping in This World (Sunday School)

Results of Seeking the Lord (Sunday Morning)


June 16, 2024

The Purpose of a Local Church (Sunday School)

Seek the Lord Through Church (Sunday Morning)

Instruction on Anxiety (Sunday Night)


June 9, 2024

Instruction on Feelings (Sunday Night)


June 2, 2024

God's Word (Sunday School)

Seek the Lord Through Prayer (Sunday Morning)

The Root of Evil (Sunday Night)


May 26, 2024

An Example of Humility (Sunday School)

Seeking the Lord Through Humility (Sunday Morning)


May 19, 2024

Cakes and Cruises (Sunday School)

Touched By An Angel (Sunday Morning)

Rejoice In Every Good Thing (Sunday Night)


May 5, 2024

A Broken Heart  (Sunday School)


April 28, 2024

This Righteousness (Sunday School)

Jesus' Lesson on Discipleship (Sunday Morning)

Filled (Sunday Night)


April 21, 2024

Biblical Friendship (Sunday School)

A Four-Season Friend (Sunday Morning)


April 14, 2024

Was Saul Saved? (Sunday School)

Lost Donkeys  (Sunday Morning)

They Have Rejected Me (Sunday Night)


April 7, 2024

A Doubting Christian (Sunday School)

Blessed Assurance (Sunday Morning)

An Assured Christian (Sunday Night)


March 31, 2024

Sin's Price Will Be Paid (Sunday School)

A Sufficient Sacrifice (Sunday Morning)


March 24, 2024

Kindness (Sunday School)

Put on Kindness (Sunday Morning)

The Kindness of God (Sunday Night)


March 17, 2024

Acknowledge (Sunday School)

Acknowledging God (Sunday Morning)

So Blessed (Sunday Night)


March 10, 2024

Abased and Abounding (Sunday School)

You Can Do All Things (Sunday Morning)

Christ's Strengthening (Sunday Night)


March 3, 2024

Guest Speaker - Bro. Bryan Spears (Sunday School)

The Day of Small Things (Sunday Morning)

5 Days of Small Things (Sunday Night)


February 25, 2024

Ye That Say (Sunday School)

What Is Your Life? (Sunday Morning)


February 18, 2024

Hope Attained (Sunday Night)


February 11, 2024

Missions Explained (Sunday School)
Your Care of Me Hath Flourished (Sunday Morning)

Herein Is Love (Sunday Night)


February 4, 2024

A Pastor and a People (Sunday School)

Be Careful to Maintain Good Works (Sunday Morning)

The Sabbath Was Made for Man (Sunday Night)


January 28, 2024

Great Failures in the Bible (Sunday School)

Peter Followed Afar Off (Sunday Morning)

Repetitive Sin (Sunday Night)


January 21, 2024

The Definition of Diligence (Sunday School)

Beside This, Diligently Add (Sunday Morning)


January 14, 2024

The Heart of Man (Sunday School)

The Desires of Your Heart (Sunday Morning)

Putting Off and Putting On (Sunday Night)


January 7, 2024

Fire (Sunday School)

I Come to Do Thy Will (Sunday Morning)




Messages from 2023


December 24, 2023

A Time of Impossibilities (Sunday School)

We See Jesus (Sunday Morning)


December 17, 2023

Praying for the Unsaved (Sunday School)

A Gospel Tract (Sunday Morning)


December 10, 2023

A Testimony (Sunday School)

Your Personal Testimony (Sunday Morning)


December 3, 2023

Holy Spirit Led Soul Winning (Sunday School)

Ways of Sowing the Seed (Sunday Morning)



November 26, 2023

Sharing the Scriptures (Sunday Morning)

Introduction to the Prophesied Messiah (Sunday Night)


November 19, 2023

Some Believe (Sunday School)

He Told Him About Jesus (Sunday Morning)

A Spiritual Checkup (Sunday Night)


November 12, 2023

His Salvation Made Known (Sunday School)

Be Ready (Sunday Morning)


November 5, 2023

Lost and Found (Sunday School)

Following Jesus Christ (Sunday Morning)



October 29, 2023

Consider His Miracles (Sunday School)

Consider the Loaves (Sunday Morning)


October 22, 2023

Influencers (Sunday School)

All Things to All Men (Sunday Morning)

God's Music (Sunday Night)


October 15, 2023

Two Types of Church Services (Sunday School)

Inhabiting the Praises of Israel (Sunday Morning)

Wise As Serpents, Harmless As Doves (Sunday Night)


October 8, 2023

Biblical Fellowship (Sunday School)

God's Fellowship (Sunday Morning)


October  1, 2023

Biblical Faithfulness (Sunday School)

God's Faithfulness (Sunday Morning)

Our Faithfulness (Sunday Night)



September 24, 2023

Biblical Forgiveness (Sunday School)

God's Forgiveness (Sunday Morning)

Our Forgiveness (Sunday Night)


September 17, 2023

The Leading of God (Sunday School)

Living By Faith, Bro. Rob Jones (Sunday Morning)

The Lord's Leading In Your Life (Sunday Night)


September 10, 2023

What Infirmities Are (Sunday School)

My Grace is Sufficient (Sunday Morning)

A Healthy View of Sickness (Sunday Night)


September 3, 2023

Guest Teacher, Bro. Chad Robinson (Sunday School)

Guest Preacher, Bro. Chad Robinson (Sunday Morning)

A Good Work Done (Sunday Night)



August 27, 2023

Jesus Christ, the Judge (Sunday School)

The Judgment of the Believer (Sunday Morning)

The Judgment of the Unbeliever (Sunday Night)


August 20, 2023

An Eternal House (Sunday School)

The Hope of Heaven (Sunday Morning)

Hell (Sunday Night)


August 13, 2023

Satan's Present Work (Sunday School)

Blessings & Burdens (Sunday Morning)

A Trial of Your Faith (Sunday Night)


August 6, 2023

Alone With God (Sunday Morning)

Practical Steps for Walking With God (Sunday Night)



July 30, 2023

Identifying Yourself With Jesus Chris(Sunday Morning)

Confessing Jesus Christ (Sunday Night)

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