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Kevin D. Spears was born on July 3, 1979 in DeKalb, Illinois and was raised in the small country town of Big Rock, Illinois. Pastor asked Jesus Christ to be his personal Saviour on March 5, 1997 after reading the plan of salvation from a Gospel tract he picked up from the foyer table of the church his parents had been attending.


Several years after he got saved, he was going through his keepsake box and found an autographed collector's card of former National Football Player, Don Beebe. Upon looking at the card he realized it was more than just an autographed football card, it was a Gospel tract. 


Pastor received that Gospel tract when he was a child in grade school from his recess monitor. The recess monitor who gave him the Gospel tract was Don Beebe's sister in law. He never read the Gospel tract/card when he received it, but put it into a protective sleeve. It only was only after he got saved that he realized God was trying to get ahold of his heart when he was a child. 


On September 2, 1998, he surrendered to God's call on his life to be a pastor. He believed  the Lord wanted him to return back home and minister to those in northern Illinois. He pursued this calling by studying at Commonwealth Baptist College in Lexington, Kentucky. He graduated in 2003 with a B.A. in Theology. 


At Commonwealth Baptist College, Pastor met Kimmie and they were married on April 18, 2003. The Lord has blessed them with three children, Isaac, Aaron, and Elias. From 2003 until the fall of 2008, he was on staff at Clays Mill Road Baptist Church in Lexington, Kentucky. 


The Lord made it clearly known in 2008 that He wanted them to move to DeKalb area and begin a local church. So, in August of 2008, they packed up everything they had and by faith moved to DeKalb. Pastor Spears started Fellowship Baptist Church and they held their first church service on Sunday, November 2nd of 2008 in the Haish Gym. 


Over the past 13 years, the Lord has allowed the church to reach many people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to continually grow in attendance, to support seven missionaries, along with adding many ministries to the Fellowship Baptist Church. His strong remaining desire is to, "Hold Forth the Word of Life.

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